Character Renders

A couple of new “Photo Studio” renders for my characters Mica Lichan, Firanda Zarcha, Yuki Lichan, and Alvos:


Cast group shot

Thomas the Poisoner

Mica Lichan

Mica Lichan

Firanda Zarcha

Firanda Zarcha

Yuki Lichan

Yuki Lichan



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The Death of Firanda

Firanda's Death

The Death of Firanda is a scene from the climatic moment in the first chapter of my novel Thomas the Poisoner.  In this scene the protagonist Mikael Lidron watches in horror as adventuring companion and crush, the mage Firanda Zarcha, is killed by the assassin Ulric.

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Realistic Renders

I first played with a cartoon tool, and now I’ve done some more realistic renders of some of my key characters.

First we have Nene and The Luck from my novel The Lucky Cricket.

Nene & the Luck 3

Then we have Yuki and Balinac from my novel Thomas the Poisoner (Balinac is in jaguar form this time).

Yuki & Balinac 2

Then why not have a Beach party on the Isle . . .

Yuki Balinac Nene & the Luck

In consideration of the upcoming game Star Citizen a more Sci-Fi themed presentation of Yuki, Nene, and Shandra of the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn series of books. This is a selection of my guild/organization banners I’ve been testing out for Star Citizen. The one is art from my Lance Red created Thomas the Poisoner cover. The rest are DAZ 3D renders.

1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner 3 new 1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner 2 new 1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner 2 1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner1366 x 768 Fenris Wolves Banner new 2Fenris Wolves advert 1920x1536

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School Girl Balinac

A brief comic featuring my character Balinac as a Manga style schoolgirl.

School Girl Balinac - darkened_001

School Girl Balinac - darkened_002

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The Dead Men of Coffin Company

It may be surprising to some, but I like to play games. I like board games, pen and paper games, and, oh yes, video/computer games. One game I’m looking forward to can be found on the website. It is called Star Citizen. It is a space combat/sandbox simulation created by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander and Freelancer fame.

Well they have a forum on the game development site, and yes that forum has a fan fiction section. Being the kind of person I am, I wrote a fan fiction on their forum which blends together the Star Citizen space opera setting with my own Fantasy worlds found in the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn setting.

The short story The Dead Men of Coffin Company can be found in .pdf form linked here, and in my short story section of this site found on the menu bar above (on the top right). I hope my readers enjoy my attempt at stretching out into Science/Fantasy instead of my usual Fantasy offerings. I’ve always intended to move my Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn setting through various genres over time, and this is the first jump into Science/Fantasy. The upcoming Triskaidekaphilia will be broaching the Steam Punk/Fantasy divide. I hope you find it interesting.

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Ducati Resurrection

A long time friend of mine from our mutual high school days has decided to create a new blog about his Restoration and Rehabilitation of his mothballed Ducati motorcycle. I told him to give me the link when he gets his blog started, and now I am posting it for the enjoyment of motorcycle fans, and 1990′s Ducati fans in particular.

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On my writing process – How I get started.

This started as a response on Steve Thomas’ web blog (found here) about the writing process:

I find my creative process is just that, my own process. I also like discussing other people’s processes, but most times I know that it will have incompatible elements with how my own muse works.

For example when writing fiction (in particular fantasy) I find that I can not even begin if I start by envisioning a plot. In my mind story is never about plot. Plot is a framework. Story is about character. If as an author I haven’t conceived a fairly detailed understanding of three key essential characters, then I can’t begin to write a story.

The first and formost important character is the narrator. Yes, that’s right, the narrator is the most important character in fiction in my mind. If you don’t understand your narrator and their relation to the story, then I believe you’ll do less than your best when writing. The narrator is the voice which carries everything. That voice has to work, or else the story won’t.

Some authors automatically default to their own voice, and thus in essence they become the default narrator of every story. This is certainly allowable, and if the author has a good voice it may work quite well. Myself I like to play around with the narrator and their relation to the story.

For example: in my first novel my narrator is second person, not involved in the story. The conceit as I write is that the narrator is relating the story from a point in the distant future from the story to a small intimate audience at an Inn. I never write that explicitly in the novel, but that is constantly in my mind as I wrote the story. The narrator doesn’t have access to the internal monologs of the characters of the story, and some events are portrayed in archetypical ways because the narrator is dealing with a story from what is his distant history learned second hand. Thus the narrator is deliberately inaccurate with some details, and deliberately skips events he doesn’t feel are relevant to the story he wants to tell his audience at the Inn.

In my second novel my narrator is first person, and the protagonist of the story. The conceit is that the narrator is now telling his personal story from a point in the near future to their same small intimate audience at the same Inn as the first novel. So in two different novels with different characters, different protagonists, I’ve kept the same narrator, but I’ve also shifted to a first person narrator who knows his own internal monolog. The narrator selectively shares some of what he was thinking, and selectively edits portions of the story to keep certain details hidden, or to move the pace along.

The second character I need to envision is the protagonist. The person who will serve as the focal character of the story. I have to know the protagonist’s mind, their philosophy, their behaviors, and their desires. I don’t need to lock in an appearance at first, but it tends to come with time. Once I know how that character thinks, I can start writing scenes with that character because I will be able to introduce a stimulus (or event) into the scene, and I will know how that character will react to it.

I still can’t write a story until I understand the antagonist. Sometimes the antagonist is the least understood, but they generally have to have a goal, and they have to be the kind of person/event/happening which provides the conflict of the story. Sometimes the antagonist comes in multiple parts such as hostile beings, unfortunate happenstance, and beings with conflicting objectives. Sometimes the protagonist becomes their own antagonist because of conflicting desires. The main point is that without understanding the source of conflict, you can’t have a story.

Another thing I’ve done with my first two novels (besides making them independent works set in the same “multiverse” setting) is to make certain the narrator stays with the protagonist in every scene. When the protagonist leaves the scene, even though I know as the author what else may be occuring outside of the protagonist’s knowledge, the narrator stays with the protagonist and limits you to their understanding of the story.

This is all to set up my third unfinished novel also set at a later time in the same “multiverse”. Once again I am using the conceit of a second person narrator (the same narrator who is the second person narrator of the first novel, and the first person narrator of the second novel) yet they are now a second person narrator with limited second person omnicient views of the main protagonist and now sub protagonists of the story. Yep, I’ve gone down the path of multiple protagonists, and now each protagonist can be followed by the narrator, and the narrator can alternate between the main and sub protagonists as he is now telling essentially five different interwoven stories in one novel. Also the narrator actually shows up in the third novel as a tertiary character in a couple of scenes.

The novels are all told as “Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn” which is the sub-title of the series I am writing. Yes, it is strange to think this much about how the story will work in ways the reader will never actually see or likely understand, but that is why writing is such an individual process after all.

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New Covers and New Ad with Evil Inc.

Ad one page three covers Myth/Logic Press is sponsoring the upcoming Evil Inc comic by Brad Guigar at for their May edition with the above advertisement. I’m looking forward to some more joint venture promotions in the future, and I hope this can be a good one for me as well. I’ve been following Brad Guigar’s Evil Inc web comic for a good number of years now, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is a fan of humorous super villain characters.

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Updated Book Art

I have been teasing some updated book cover art with my banner for a while. Well by December 2012 I plan to actually switch the covers over to the new style. They are all the work of the tallented Lance Red of and I am proud to show you the poster I am going to use at my upcomming appearance at the West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston West Virginia on October 12th and 13th 2012.

Poster print of three cover artwork

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New Works in My A-Store

I just wanted to mention that I have linked two new works by Author Gary Lee Vincent, and one new work by Richard Bottles Jr. in my Amazon A-Store (on the right->). The works Darkened Hollows, and Darkened Waters finish the “Darkened”  West Virginia Vampire series by Gary Vincent. While Hellhole West Virginia continues Richard Bottles exploration in to the depths of human depravity.

All of their works are for mature audiences only, with a definite NC-17 rating for their graphic depictions. These are writers who are not for the faint of heart. I encourage you to check them out at and I hope you enjoy what you find as much as I have.

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