Xoxo Hiding as video.

Xoxo Hiding video

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Xoxo hiding

Xoxo hiding - 1920 x 1080 2

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Aya Relaxing

Another new render using Daz 3D. I hope you enjoy it.Aya Relaxing

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Minotaur and space ship, oh my!

Minotaur Forrest 2RunningTwo worlds

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Fenrir Wolves

So I’ve been getting ready to play more Star Citizen, and I’ve updated my organization page images as a refresh of my older materials. Below are the splash image and banner image for my page which can be found here:

Fenrir Wolves 2018 - splashFenrir Wolves 2018 - banner 2

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Juniper Elf Girl

Juniper medium 1 A render of Daz 3D Juniper figure.

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Dungeon Mistress

Dungeon Mistress

“You enter a ten foot by ten foot room. It appears unoccupied. The walls and floor are of constructed of large set stone. What do you do?”

How many adventures reach this moment? The Dungeon Mistress is prepared to begin your adventure as well.

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Anella – Kobold Engineer

Anella - Kobold Engineer

As engineer aboard the Airship Sparrow Anella is a no nonsense Kobold who is both smart and feisty.

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The Isle

The Isle has many sub titles. Sometimes it is called Thomas’ Isle, other times The Isle of Death, or The Isle of Life. The important thing to realize is that you either arrive invited, or you may never leave it alive again.The Isle

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Mica Lichan 2

Mica Lichan 2.png

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