Short stories

As a special bonus to the people who actually take the time to peruse my site I’ve included a section for .pdf short stories I’m writing.  These are short tales set between the events of my novels and featuring some of the titular characters of my novels as well as some of the secondary characters who inhabit the world of my protagonists from my novels.

Chance or Destiny is the first tale set between the novels The Lucky Cricket and Thomas the Poisoner.

Destiny Strikes is the second tale set between the novels Thomas the Poisoner and Triskaidekaphilia. It covers the early life of the “Shadowine” Brinder Calum and his transition into training to become a bounty hunter of the cursed undead.

The Dead Men of Coffin Company is a fan fiction tale set in both the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn setting and the Star Citizen universe. It first appeared in the fan fiction forums at and is being presented here in .pdf version for those who are interested.

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