“Social Justice Princelet”

So there I was cruising around the internet, and checking my e-mail when I got a blog post weekly reminder from a wordpress site I’d commented upon many months ago regarding a different issue. I generally ignore this routine junk e-mail as this particular author/blogger/”Social Justice Princelet” writes very little I find of interest. For the sake of protecting the guilty, I’m changing the name of this particular individual to Jon Scuzzi – Former Commander in Chief of the Progressive Writer’s Alliance and Sciencyish Fiction Guild of Renown and Social Justice Warrior Alliance with some Fantasy writing allowed too.

Well this mail included the following missive – “An Anti-Feminist Walks Into A Bar…” which features a series of “Tweets” by this author with an increasing amount of misandrist oriented humor culminating with a crude and not very inventive masturbation joke.

So I followed the link in the e-mail, and on Jon Scuzzi’s blog roll I find he’s got an “open” comment’s section. So I write the following reply to his joke:

A man walks into a bar. He sees a large crowd of women inside and asks, “Could all the Androphobic Misandrist women please raise your hands.” All the women in the bar raise their hands with proud grins, and the man leaves the bar. The women start cheering and giving each other high fives. Then one woman in the corner laments, “Why can’t you find any good men anymore.”

I basically took the thrust of Jon Scuzzi’s joke tweets, reversed who was being made the butt of the joke, and waited to see if it was “still funny” to these same people. My post was deleted and replaced with the following:

[Deleted because oh my fucking God, Kelly Martin. I didn’t think anyone could make my eyes roll as much as you just did – JS]

I figured I’d just made a palpable hit, so I followed up with this short response:

Thank you. You’ve proved my point that even you know this kind of humor isn’t funny, it’s offensive.

Another palpable hit because once again Jon Scuzzi replaced my post with this:

[Deleted for being too dumb to realize that vomiting abject stupidity on a comment thread doesn’t prove anything other than he’s an idiot. Fuck off, Kelly, there’s a good lad – JS]

Then I followed up with my third post:


Your humor is not funny, it is misandrist. You are making a man the butt of your joke, and much like racist jokes, or mysogynist jokes which are in poor taste, you humor is simply sexist. Men are simply the one remaining group you can be mean spirited toward without drawing the ire of your readership.

I know you will continue to ban my comments and use rude remarks even though I haven’t been anything but honest with you, but there you have the difference between us. If you can’t switch positions of the actors in a joke without creating a “PC faux pas”, then your humor isn’t humor, it’s just mean spite. Delete away, but I know what you are doing, and what you are covering up.

Palpable hit number three as this post was deleted as well and replaced with this:

[Deleted, unread, because Kelly Martin apparently does not understand what “fuck off” means. And because he doesn’t, off to the moderation queue for him. On the other hand, how entirely in character for a fellow of his inclinations not to stop bothering people when he’s told to go away — JS]

Which then led to the following “dieing curse” by Jon Scuzzi:

As an aside, I suspect the most frustrating words in the world for the likes of Mr. Martin are “deleted, unread.”

Not even close. Jon Scuzzi had to run and hide by removing the evidence of his defeat. Game, Set, and Match vs. Jon Scuzzi. He had to create a typical progressive false narrative to save face. I’m counting this one in the win column

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