Pittsburgh Comicon

 I just got back from Pittsburgh Comicon yesterday evening and I want to say I had a great time. I’m linking some of my photos from the convention here – (photos). I spent my time at Pittsburgh Comicon sharing a booth with Burning Bulb Publishing authors Gary Vincent and Rich Bottles. While most of the convention was three days of discussions with people about our books, I also spend some time networking with several interesting people creating comics, illustration, and prose. 

For a little cross promotional purposes I got business cards/contacts from the following: 

Brian Koscienski of www.FortressPublishingInc.com

Charles Urbach of www.charlesurbach.com

Chris Dane of 8thdayanime.com

Christine Marie Soltis of darkwriters.tripod.com

Chuck Moore of www.comicrelated.com

David DeVera of Diamondgoatmedia.com

Ed Beard Jr. of www.edbeardjr.com

Eric S. Beebe of PostMortem-Press.com

Heather V. Kreiter of shamansoulstudios.com

Henry Tjernlund Photography and Graphics

Jason Williams of Dimension X comics, toys, and collectibles

Jon Sprunk of www.jonsprunk.com

John Towers of www.facebook.com/stigmatastudios

Kevin R. Leen of www.leenink.com

Kimberly Bennett of www.kimberly-bennett.com

Kristopher Smith of kartprod.com

Kurt Einhaus of kurteinhaus.com

Mike Maydak of MikeMaydak.com

Robert Hoskins, Jr. of Stormwatch Comics

Sterling Clark of ntombinde.com 

My thanks also go to Sterling Clark who had the booth beside ours and to the whole crew over at Steel City Comics who had the booth behind us.  They put up with our juvenile antics and clowning around with remarkable patience. 

I would also like to give a big thank you to my booth mates Gary Vincent and Rich Bottles for getting me to try out some very fine cuisine in the Pittsburgh area including the Green Forest Brazilian restaurant and the Tilted Kilt Irish Pub.  

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