Return from Gen Con 2011

I just got back from GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis this evening and I want to say I had a great time. I’m linking some of my photos from the convention here – (photos). I spent my time at Pittsburgh Comicon sitting with my brother Thomas M. Martin, Jr. and next to authors Jeremy Jaynes on one side and Edward J. Russell on the other. While most of the convention was four days of discussions with people about our books, I also spend some time networking with several interesting people. 

For a little cross promotional purposes I got business cards/contacts from the following: 

Amelia Underwood at

Amul Kumar at

Beth Trott at

C. Patrick Neagle at

C. S. Marks at

Christopher Burdett at

Cory Lewellen at

Digital Overload at

Don Higgins at

Don Myers at

Dr. S. Alexander Gentry, PhD at

Edward J. Russell at

Eva Dennis at

J. T. Hartke at

James S. Cole at

Jennie Breeden at

Jennifer Brozek at

Jeremy Jaynes at

Jonathan M. Rudder at

Kimber Grey at

Kommando Kilts at

Lance Red at

Leigh Kimmel at

Lorraine Schleter at

Maxwell Alexander Drake at

Melissa Kocias at

Nigel Sade at

Paul (Prof) Herbert at

Paul Lell at

Richard Lee Byers at

Susan Van Camp at

Suzanne at

T.R. Chowdhury and T.M.Crim at

Toledo’s Santa Town at

Tom Javoroski at

V. J. Waks at

Virtual World at 

Additionally I met with several web comic creators including:

Aaron Williams of

Alina Pete of

Lar DeSouza and Ryan Sohmer of and 

Rob Balder and Xin Ye of 

I also talked briefly to author team Tracy and Laura Hickman of as well as Margaret Weis of . I was thrilled to meet them again since I have been a reader and a fan of their works for many years. 

Overall the GenCon 2011 experience was five days of exciting and draining time spent, but a worth while experience after all I think.  I’m looking forward to my next events, and meeting many more interesting and talented people along the way.

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1 Response to Return from Gen Con 2011

  1. Hi Kelly, I wonder if you were able to meet V.J. Waks and C.S. Marks? I met them both at a book fair before and they were great fun. Am looking forward to reading V.J. Waks’ Hammerspace soon. I also saw an interesting interview with V.J. on Authorhouse Authors in the Spotlight
    I will definitely check out these other authors too. Thanks very much for the websites!

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