New Illustrations

I’ve been diligently working on a couple of different projects lately. First and foremost I’ve been working on my third novel in the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn series. I’m making good progress on the first draft, and I am pretty pleased with how I feel the story is coming along.

Second, I have commissioned the very talented Lance Red of to produce new cover illustrations for both Thomas the Poisoner and The Lucky Cricket. I’ve just received his final artwork, and they are both gorgeous and wonderful representations of the world of the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn series.

I’ve also modified the head banner of this page with some teaser portions of Lance Red’s amazing Illustrations. I’m really looking forward to when I can get the new covers uploaded to the printer as part of my second edition release of both books. Some final work remains on getting the whole cover design brought together, but I’m hoping it will not be much longer before the new covers (and corrected text) replaces the first edition books on store shelves (both virtual and actual).

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