The Dead Men of Coffin Company

It may be surprising to some, but I like to play games. I like board games, pen and paper games, and, oh yes, video/computer games. One game I’m looking forward to can be found on the website. It is called Star Citizen. It is a space combat/sandbox simulation created by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander and Freelancer fame.

Well they have a forum on the game development site, and yes that forum has a fan fiction section. Being the kind of person I am, I wrote a fan fiction on their forum which blends together the Star Citizen space opera setting with my own Fantasy worlds found in the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn setting.

The short story The Dead Men of Coffin Company can be found in .pdf form linked here, and in my short story section of this site found on the menu bar above (on the top right). I hope my readers enjoy my attempt at stretching out into Science/Fantasy instead of my usual Fantasy offerings. I’ve always intended to move my Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn setting through various genres over time, and this is the first jump into Science/Fantasy. The upcoming Triskaidekaphilia will be broaching the Steam Punk/Fantasy divide. I hope you find it interesting.

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