Realistic Renders

I first played with a cartoon tool, and now I’ve done some more realistic renders of some of my key characters.

First we have Nene and The Luck from my novel The Lucky Cricket.

Nene & the Luck 3

Then we have Yuki and Balinac from my novel Thomas the Poisoner (Balinac is in jaguar form this time).

Yuki & Balinac 2

Then why not have a Beach party on the Isle . . .

Yuki Balinac Nene & the Luck

In consideration of the upcoming game Star Citizen a more Sci-Fi themed presentation of Yuki, Nene, and Shandra of the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn series of books. This is a selection of my guild/organization banners I’ve been testing out for Star Citizen. The one is art from my Lance Red created Thomas the Poisoner cover. The rest are DAZ 3D renders.

1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner 3 new 1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner 2 new 1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner 2 1140 x 380 Fenrir Wolves Banner1366 x 768 Fenris Wolves Banner new 2Fenris Wolves advert 1920x1536

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