Companions at the Inn

I thought I would put together an image of some of the characters from my upcoming novel Triskaidekaphilia. From left to right they are Brinder Calum, Anella, and Alvos.

Companions at the Inn

Brinder is a “Shadowine” which is essentially the human racial counterpart to the “Twiline” elves. They are a race of once humans who have dwelt on the Plane of Shadow so long that it has permeated their very beings. The net effect is they more adept at the manipulation of shadows than most beings. As servants of the White Raven – the goddess of winter and death for the world Ygg, the Shadowine are also prone to longer than usual lifespans as long as they stay in the White Raven’s good graces. A short story about Brinder’s early years can be found on this site here.

Anella is one of the long distant Kobold descendants of the Talgash clan. The daughter of the Kobold Vaslo, she is the chief engineer on the Kobold operated and owned dirigible “Sparrow”.

Alvos is of course the halfling who is now a Grandmaster Assassin once trained under the auspices of the infamous “Thomas the Poisoner” (See my novel of the same name) and the short story here on this site for more information.

A late edition of an alternate render of the above scene. More accurately matching Brinder’s pale grey skin tone.


Companions at the Singing Dragon 2

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