Strange Multiverse

I was talking recently with Gary Vincent of Burning Bulb Publishing, and he’s done a comic based on one of his short stories in his bizarro anthology Westward Hoes. As a result of our discussion and Gary’s unfortunate circumstance of booking three events for the same weekend, I am going to be attending Pittsburgh Comicon at the Monroeville Expo Center on September 26-28, 2014 in his place.

As an upshot of this, I’ve been encouraged to attempt to create my own comic book one shot set in my fictional multiverse of the Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn series. I’m calling this little artistic experiment Strange Multiverse. I’m including the beginning of the Cover work below as a sample of the direction I plan to head with this. I’ll include the completed cover when it’s done. I’ll also have to look at whether making this available as a digital edition or print edition will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Strange Multiverse Comic Cover

Strange Multiverse Comic Cover 2

Strange Multiverse Comic Front Cover

This is a first run at my back cover. Needs a bit of adjustment, but the composition is right where I want it.

Strange Multiverse Comic Back Cover

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