West Virginia Author’s Exchange

If any West Virginia based authors are interested, I have an amazon.com associates store (aka “astore”) set-up to sell my book.  I am offering to list any of your works available through amazon.com on my “astore” under the West Virginia Author’s Exchange section of my “astore”.  I think this can make a nice collaborative effort to support local authors in our state.  If you are interested in participating, then just send me an e-mail to zmortis@gmail.com with the subject line WV Authors Exchange.  Please include a link(s) to your work(s) on Amazon, and I will include it as a link available from my site.

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1 Response to West Virginia Author’s Exchange

  1. Thank you, Kelly, for posting a link to my book on your site. WV authors such as myself appreciate it. I wish you the best of luck with your book series.

    Gary Lee Vincent
    – Author, “Darkened Hills”

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